Analytical Software In The Healthcare Industry

MedADVIZOR Delivers Clear Results and Rapid Payback for Healthcare Providers

Rapidly changing and competitive payment landscapes combined with the pervasive growth of electronic medical records has created a unique challenge for healthcare organizations: Analyzing unprecedented amounts of data about both patient and business processes and then deriving actionable insights from this information. The solution? Healthcare analytics companies with the technology, knowledge, and experience necessary to address industry-specific issues.

Pain Points in Healthcare Analytics

While identifying and storing as much relevant health data as possible seems productive at first glance, problems emerge if organizations don’t have the necessary analytics infrastructure in place. Instead of new strategies and innovative service delivery models, companies are drowning in data-rich, information-poor environments.

At ADVIZOR Solutions, we call this the "cycle of pain." You’ve got the raw materials for actionable healthcare research and analytics — somewhere, but finding it requires a seemingly never-ending back and forth to query, cut, and slice and dice this information. When you finally have something workable, you may realize that changing circumstance now demand something entirely different than the outcome of your initial search. Another option? Downloading data subsets into Excel and then giving it your best shot. Equally painful, equally time consuming and ultimately frustrating.

What’s more, it’s getting worse — as data volumes ramp up and patients expect on-demand access to their personal records, treatment plans, and even medical advice, entry-level business analytics in healthcare isn’t enough. Instead, precise location-finding, analysis and interpretation tools are must-haves for any health organization looking to future-proof its IT efforts and embrace a positive data prognosis.

Consider three top-priority pain points for healthcare companies:

New Treatment for Healthcare Analytics

To improve the impact of healthcare analytics on the quality of care and performance management, industry professionals are embracing new technologies such as MedADVIZOR. Our MedADVIZOR solution is designed with healthcare in mind, and lends vital insight to improve financial and clinical outcomes in several areas:

Data analytics now drives the success of healthcare outcomes. Yet too much data can also overwhelm even experienced IT teams and health agencies. Address your biggest pain points and empower your decision-making outcomes with the right data analysis solution — let’s talk about improving your results today!

See how the Radiation Oncology Associates of Georgia use MedADVIZOR to manage their practice and come out on top of their mountain of data.