Leadership Giving

The Challenge

Historically development management has been more of an "art" than a science with its historic focus on building relationships more than managing to a process and measuring results. But increased economic pressures and competition for scarce donor dollars have created a growing need to generate more revenue from existing - or even fewer - resources, which means optimizing operations and team performance.

Fundraising leaders have risen to the challenge by identifying best practices.  The use their existing data to "see stories" and "understand" what's working well and what's not.  That leads to "coaching tips" that are shared and discussed with their teams.  The "stories" evolve out of metrics that can include:

  • Activities such as in-person visits and the number of proposals issued over a twelve month period
  • The percentage of the prospect pool that is contacted or solicited in a meaningful way each year
  • The value of proposals issued vs. the rated value of the prospects
  • Speed of movement through proposal stages
  • The balance of visits and proposals by type and level of prospect
  • Close rates and gifts recorded

The Solution

ADVIZOR improves performance management through a 5-step process that includes:

  1. A needs assessment to determine where the team is and what their key needs are.
  2. A data inspection to assess the quality of the existing data that is being collected
  3. Development of clear metrics to ensure that development officers are making contacts, visiting prospects, making asks, and entering the current, relevant data into the system including contact, proposals, etc.
  4. Deployment of metrics in an easy to use data discovery dashboard
  5. Strategic assessment and report that leads to organizational optimization and ongoing review and discussion

The Result

ADVIZOR clients have:

  • Generated higher average ask amounts based on clear understanding of the expected value of the underlying pool of prospects
  • Shortened proposal cycles
  • Improved close rates
  • Tracked and forecasted revenue more accurately
  • Established clear-cut paths to individual performance goals
  • Improved communication within the team as well as between the team and upper management
  • Improved performance in both central and satellite development offices

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