Healthcare Fundraising

In 2013, HIPAA drastically changed their regulations on accessibility to patient encounter data .  This unprecedented change has opened the door of opportunity for Healthcare fundraising teams.  With access to both advancement and patient data, novel new paths to prospect identification are now available.  And ADVIZOR helps make it possible!

We can load and blend data from your core advancement database with patient encounter data to give you a more comprehensive view of your prospects.  And, we can help you zero in on the metrics that matter most in identifying your next best donors!  Things like:

  • Patient Potential to Give
  • Advancement Engagement
  • Capacity

Patients with high potential to give, have the capacity, and are also highly engaged are prime prospects.  Patients who have high potential and capacity but are detached or disconnected are prime for your cultivation efforts.  And the combination of these metrics can be really useful for prioritizing prospects, assessing potential ask levels, and optimizing your portfolio management.  

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