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ADVIZOR...More Visual than Excel, More Analytical than Tableau, and Much Easier than SAS or R.

ADVIZOR frees both business managers and IT from the headaches of traditional business intelligence platforms. No platforms to purchase, no scripts to write - answer your deepest "what-ifs" with a click of a mouse. Make your case by discarding tedious traditional methods of reporting and use our Visual Discovery™. Execute visual, cross-table analysis in real-time. No wait necessary.

It's all In-Memory!  

ADVIZOR's patented in-memory data model, developed at Bell Labs, enables a fast, interactive analysis not possible with Excel pivot tables, charting software packages, or other desktop analysis products. And for extra horsepower? Our Analyst/X powers up with rich mathematical modeling. Install in minutes, then simply import your data with a friendly wizard to get started. 

Access data from over 30 different sources. Bring in whatever you have:

One Excel spreadsheet?
60 Oracle tables?
A mix from various sources, the sky is the limit!

Blend and synthesize into the metrics that you want and need. Create a variety of numeric; string, date, logical, and cross table calculations.  These calculated metrics, model scores, and flattened results can then be automatically exported as .csv files for use in other systems, databases, reporting tools, and other ADVIZOR projects.

Transform Your Analysis with Visual Discovery

With 15 different interactive charts to choose from, including traditional bar charts, pie charts, and datasheets, and the more analytical scatter plot, heat map, and parabox, forge ahead with your data display. ADVIZOR's interactive data visualizations will help you immediately begin to "see" the stories in your data, understand relationships, and make connections

With data at your fingertips, ADVIZOR's unique, patented Visual Discovery enables you to then drill in, slice and dice, and cross query across large, complex data sets loading from multiple tables and even mutliple data systems. coding required!  There is no faster way to get answers to your most important questions!  

Fully Integrated Predictive Modeling

ADVIZOR is the only self-service data discovery and analysis solution with fully integrated predictive modeling.  If you're ready to take your analysis deeper, ADVIZOR Analyst/X puts the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips.  

ADVIZOR’s “no coding” approach empowers business analysts to quickly build and deploy predictive models on their own without having to prep data using SQL against a database, and without needing a statistics background or outside experts to build the models and interpret the results.  Significant enhancements allow building and deploying multiple models in minutes; saving multiple models; automatically running models when data is refreshed; new model visualization pages automatically configured, and new model scoring visualizations.

Sharing Results

Once you've completed your analysis, it is easy to share your findings with others.  With a click of the mouse you can export data into Excel and individual charts or collections of charts into Powerpoint, Word, or PDF.