Predictive Modeling

World-class Predictive Modeling at Your Fingertips...No Coding Required!

ADVIZOR is unique in offering world-class predictive modeling software fully integrated into our interactive dashboards.  No stats degree, advanced data prep, or coding required!  What does that mean for you?

Predictive Modeling

You need accurate, reliable predictive data analytics that don’t demand a statistics degree, advanced data preparation or in-house coding. ADVIZOR offers world-class predictive modeling fully integrated into our interactive dashboards, giving you the power and performance required to maximize the impact of data sets, create relevant models and discover actionable insights. Here’s how.

Harness the Power of Predictive Analytics Tools

Historically, applied predictive modeling was reserved for companies with enough capital to pay highly trained experts or custom build their own analytics solution. Now, ADVIZOR leads the way in bringing this solution to front-line decision makers, letting them harness the power of their data simply and intuitively. Whether you're looking to improve operational efficiency, find new customers, forecast and manage cash flow, or better allocate resources, our predictive analytics software can help.

Quick, Easy, and Accurate Analytics Tools

The detailed explanation? We've embedded a robust multivariate regression algorithm behind a user-friendly point-and-click interface in our ADVIZOR Analyst/X visual discovery software tool. The best part is you don’t need to worry about the technical jargon. Here's how it works.

Input your data. Choose from Excel spreadsheets, Oracle or SQL Server tables, or virtually any other relevant data source. Information from one or multiple sources can be easily loaded into ADVIZOR. 

Quickly and easily link and join data from multiple tables and multiple sources using our in-memory data management system. Choose to apply specific data conditions or flag fields across multiple tables to enhance your predictive analysis; once data is in ADVZIOR, there’s no need to re-query the database or prep tables.

Choose how you want to display your data for analysis. ADVIZOR offers a choice of 15 different interactive charts including scatter plots, bar charts, pie charts, paraboxes and datasheets. Our patented in-memory-data model creates instant connections between charts, letting you slice and dice, drill up and down, and interact in ways not possible in traditional Excel pivot tables, charting software packages or other BI reporting tools.

Predictive Modeling Action in Hours, Not Weeks

You’ve got the predictive analytics tools. You’ve made the connections. Now it’s time to build a model — the pairing of ADVIZOR's mathematical modeling component with our visual and interactive data representations makes this simple and straightforward. First step? Visually explore your data. Next, select your target. Finally, open the predictive modeling window and go! Our predictive modeling software analyzes your data, draws critical connections and helps you understand key relationships.

Once you're satisfied with your model, roll in the rest of your data stored in-memory through ADVIZOR — and get the big picture. Model outcomes are presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand visual format, making it simple for enterprise professionals to export, share and strategize. And thanks to ADVIZOR’s scheduled data refresh option, models can be saved and re-run automatically upon refresh for up-to-date information.

Do More

Data never stops — no model is final and no single model speaks to every possibility. With ADVIZOR, you can build and run as many models as you want as often as you need. Instead of trying to shoehorn old data into new observations or paying expensive outside consultants for advice, our applied predictive modeling solution gives you total control, on demand.

You Know Best

That's our philosophy, and customer experience bears it out: Predictive modeling is not a "black box" experience, but rather an iterative process. Your team knows your data  — and its context — better than anyone, making you the best choice to discuss, interpret and apply the results. In effect, ADVIZOR provides the foundation for advanced predictive analytics; you provide the knowledge and insight to turn analysis and models into actionable, long-term strategy.