Training & Workshops


Training is an integral piece of every ADVIZOR solution implementation we do.

Initial training in the use of ADVIZOR is divided into two parts, Part 1 for all end users and Part II for authors, those users will be modifying existing projects and/or loading new data and building new projects. Training is very hands-on and is typically delivered onsite over a two-day period for optimum learning.

Ongoing training is available in a variety of formats, including free monthly refresher webinars and customized web-based or in-person training to address your specific needs.


Predictive Modeling

In this one-day onsite workshop we work with you and your team to:

  • Provide an overview of the techniques and process behind building a predictive model, including 
    • ​selecting the target,
    • determining the base population,
    • visual discovery to review explanatory factors,
    • adding factors from other tables,
    • building a model,
    • using the model to predict future behavior / primary targets, etc.
  • Build one to two predictive models around a topic(s) of high interest.
  • Use the model to determine causal factors and descriptors of the target and its behavior. 
  • Use the predictive capabilities of the model to "score" a target list, find top priority prospects for a certain ask, calculate expected giving levels, identify risk factors and / or underperformers, etc.

In addition to training, the team will receive output from the model building exercise(s) that should be immediately useful to the team.

ADVIZOR Bootcamp

This week-long workshop is designed to provide in-depth training in ADVIZOR.  Primarily designed for our partners, but available for user groups, too, it covers the following topics:

Features and Functionality
Learn about the advanced ADVIZOR features that make us #1 in many of the market surveys:

  • Discovery AND analysis
  • Interactive data visualizations --15 chart types and best use cases for each
  • Quick implementation against existing tables -- minimal load on IT
  • Loading and linking multiple tables
  • Creating new metrics & fields
  • Expression Builder & Hierarchy Wizard
  • Tracking your steps with Flight Recorder

Predictive Modeling

Explore predictive modeling and understand how to apply it.


Work through implementation and security issues.
Understand how to create templated solutions and unique value propositions.

Customer User Cases

Meet and interact with key end-user clients:

  • Understand their use cases
  • See them demo their production projects
  • Discuss their use cases, deployment, end-user training
  • Understand their value propositions and ROI

Our team of business consultants will be available throughout, to answer questions, provide tips and tricks, and share best practices.