Strategic Assessments

Taking Advancement Results to a Higher Level

ADVIZOR's Strategic Performance Assessment combines the rich data analytics capability of our software with the industry experience and problem solving skills of our consultants to take you from information to insight. 

We provide:

  • Evaluation of your performance against external and internal metrics
  • Strategic assessment of what it all means
  • Clear action plans and next steps

Proven Benefits for Major Giving

The most effective major giving programs balance strong relationships with a proven, measurable, and repeatable process.  Getting the balance right is critical.  And knowing where you and your team stands is essential to determining what conversations to have and how to properly align resources.

"ADVIZOR enables us to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of our entire development program, helping us make informed business decisions that directly affect the bottom line - both in expenses and new revenues."  

College of William and Mary

7 Key Metrics that Matter Most

Through our extensive work in major giving, we have found the following metrics are key to optimizing performance:

  1. Percentage of rated prospects assigned
  2. ​Prospect manager pool sizes
  3. Activity / visit levels
  4. ​Percentage of prospect pool penetration
  5. Percentage of prospect pool solicitation
  6. Proposal close rate
  7. Proposal values relative to prospect rating levels

. . . and for Annual Giving

The most effective annual giving programs focus on the most "attached" and highest likelihood prospects and then deliver the right messages to them at the right times. This involves developing an understanding of the interests and behaviors of the stakeholders and then segmenting them into different subgroups to receive differentiated messages.  Fundraisers who do this well achieve higher yields on their appeals with fewer sends or touchpoints.  The result is more money raised at lower cost -- both a good thing, especially with phone-a-thons!

6 Metrics that Matter Most in Annual Giving

In annual giving we have found that there are six key metrics that matter most:

  1. Participation rate and trend
  2. LYBUNT retention rate and trend
  3. SYBUNT reacquisition rate and trend
  4. ​Non-Donor acquisition rate and trend
  5. Appeal yield assessment
  6. # touchpoint assessment

Our professional consultants are experts at working with these metrics for major giving and annual giving, and will help you understand your team's performance against them.  We analyze performance both vertically within and across your team, and also horizontally against outside benchmarks.  We follow up this data driven analysis with a synthesis and recommendations for what is most significant to improving your team's returns and effectiveness.  The metrics provide the plotline to the story, but it's the story that matters.  And key is understanding how the various activities and factors relate to outcomes.

The final step in our three step process is developing, with your team, a clear action plan which prioritizes next steps to help them become more efficient and effective.  Our approach is nuanced and flexible and focuses on what matters most to your team and your current goals and objectives.