Data Blending And Synthesis

Data Blending And Synthesis: Where’s Your Data?

Is it located in a single, perfectly managed server down the hall from your boardroom? Probably not. For most companies, data is located across multiple platforms and geographic locations including on-site stacks, cloud-based networks, e-commerce portals and mobile devices. Yet in a world where making best use of big data makes the difference between cutting-edge competitor and corporate also-ran, your company needs a way to merge, sort, transform and ultimately visualize data from multiple sources quickly and painlessly. Traditional approaches to this data-sorting scenario include full-stack back-end tools that require substantial IT commitment and lightweight front-end offerings that fall short if your data is too disparate.

We've developed a better way: The ADVIZOR Data Blender.

The Data Blending Method

Why opt for data blending tools? What's the bottom-line benefit for your organization? Think of it like this: Your information is stored where it makes the most sense. This means you've got spreadsheets, databases, text files and cloud apps, all with valuable, actionable and - most of all - relational data. Yet without the ability to combine these sources and compare notes, you can't access the true value of the information you own.

ADVIZOR Solutions data blending software can prepare and blend information from more than 25 unique sources - including SAP HANA, My SQL, XML, Oracle and Splunk - to produce actionable data outputs that help empower C-suite level decision making. Even better? ADVIZOR Solutions data integration tools don't require complex coding or programming, meaning IT pros can focus on other line-of-business (LOB) efforts. Our solution makes it simple to:

  • Blend data from disparate sources.
  • Merge, sort, transform or append tables of data as required.
  • Integrate and aggregate your data, making it easy to model and analyze.
  • Send email alerts in response to specific conditions of your choice.
  • Use all resulting datasets in other ADVIZOR Solutions products and internal systems.

That's the value in data blending tools from ADVIZOR Solutions.

Synthesize In-Situ

Data blending is just the beginning. With ADVIZOR Solutions in-memory data synthesis tools, you can mix and merge between one and 150 tables or more, across a variety of sources including our data blender. Preparation and analysis tools let you easily transform data from abstract to actionable, but since this process occurs in-memory, no changes are required to source system data tables. The result? A flexible "analytical sandbox" environment that lets you manipulate and manage data on demand - without any risk.

Data is your most valuable resource. However, making the most of disparate origin points and output formats demands the right data integration platform to blend sources, synthesize data and produce actionable results. Don't have the volume of data or IT resources for a heavy-duty back-end solution, but need more than a lightweight number cruncher? Discover the best-fit benefits of ADVIZOR Solutions data blending and synthesis.