Dashboard Design & Deployment

There is an art to dashboard design.  And our team of business consultants is expert at it! 

Our dashboard design process includes:

  • Identifying the key questions you are trying to answer
  • Identifying the data needed to answer those questions
  • Creating metrics, transforming data to help you track progress towards goals
  • Determining the best, most accurate way of visually displaying the data, taking into consideration color, shape, size, orientation and other visuals that can support your analysis
  • Organizing the visual displays logically and thematically to create a natural work flow
  • Customizing the dashboard to meet the needs of the end user, whether they’re frontline staff, power analysts, or senior management…or someone in between!

Once a dashboard has been created, our technical team is available to assist with implementation and deployment for access by end users. 

This includes:

  • Determining hardware and RAM requirements
  • Scheduling data updates
  • Configuring web access
  • Implementing security controls


The result....a solution that facilitates and even enhances your analysis, enabling you to get quick insights and easy answers to your most important questions!

"What you have done has helped us be quite nimble by taking data which was, literally, just put into our hands on Tuesday and turning it into meaningful working data for our advancement management and fundraising staff by Thursday!"

David Smittle, Director of Advancement Services, Ohio Northern University